only half an hour from San Salvador, La Libertad’s surf breaks are the most popular of all the El Salvador beaches, though its crowds are still mainly composed of locals and backpackers.

Because of El Salvador’s lingering notoriety and its lack of a solid tourism infrastructure, you’ll discover fewer tourists on La Libertad compared to other Central America beaches. While that also means fewer luxury resorts than you’ll find in, say, Jaco Beach in Costa Rica. But instead, visitors enjoy a far more authentically Central American experience


45 minutes from San Salvador there is these beautiful beach with a white sand beach and a blue sea with lots and lots of restaurants and hotels with the best view and infrastructure places. Go and you will see!!!


Salinitas is a amazing beach with hundreds of hotels. There are two that are visited by everyone, one is Las Veraneras and the other one is Decameron. This beach is also known as los cobanos. It is also so famous because it is only one hour away from San Salvador!


Costa del sol is two hours away from San Salvador but that doesn’t matter because when you get there you will see a beach full of shells and with not even one rock. It is also the most visited beach in El Salvador!


El cuco is approximately three hours from San Salvador. It is one of the most visited beaches of ES and the most beautiful as well because it is a plane beach with pure white sand and with no rocks no shells just sand!!
There it is a full place of hotels with the best they can offer you!
Go and you will not regret!!!