The Population of El Salvador

Population of El Salvador and its facts + Some History
The Area of El Salvador is 20,742 sq. km. (8,008 sq. mi.). The Capital Ciry -San Salvador (pop. 1.6 million). The terrain is mostly mountains which separate the country; the climate is semitropical, distinct wet and dry seasons all year long. The nationality noun and adjective is Salvadorian(s).
The population (2007 est.): 5.7 million and the annual growth rate (2006 est.): 1.7%. The religion Roman Catholic makes about 52% of the people in El Salvador also the language spoken in El Salvador is Spanish because we got invaded by Spain.

Barely 90% are Indian and Spanish. The capital city of El Salvador is San Salvador it has about 1.6 million people; it is estimated that 37.3% of the Salvadorians live in rural areas.
The Pipil Indians, descendants of the Aztecs, and the Pocomames and Lencas were the original inhabitants of El Salvador.

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El Salvador’s Facts
Fast facts:
El Salvador has an exact population of 7, 066, 403
The capital is San Salvador, and in there lives 1,424,000 people, the rest lives out of the capital.
The language we use here in El Salvador is Spanish, Nahua.
The currency is the U.S dollar.
Birth rate: 25.72 births/1000 population.
Death rate: 5.53 deaths/1000 population.
Independence day: 15th September, which was achieved by pain in 1821
Dialling code: 503
There are 65 airports in El Salvador but only one of them is international the one located in Comalapa.
El Salvador is the smallest country with the less number of population in Central America, this country is between, Guatemala and Honduras it has only pacific ocean.
Main Exports:
offshore assembly exports, coffee, sugar, shrimp, textiles, chemicals and electricity.
We also have economy in El Salvador, industry: food precessing, beverages petroleum, chemicals,
Agriculture sector: coffee, sugar, shrimp, corn, rice, beef, sugarcane, tropical fruits, h
The major industries are: light metals, fertilizers, furniture, petroleum, chemicals,

In El Salvador there are 14 universities, the cheapest university is the University of El Salvador, funded by the state, the majority of universities of El Salvador are not so expensive but still they have a high level of education and with it students when graduate a very good prepared, for life experiences and work.
Facts of Disasters:
There has been many disasters during El Salvador’s development, especially earthquakes and hurricanes, over twelve thousand people died in the earthquake which occurred in 2001 many more were left homeless. Over 370 people in El Salvador were killed by hurricane Mitch, and many were forced to leave there houses (Evacuate).
In the 1980's el Salvador had a civil war this was caused by inequality, more than 70,000 people died.

Death Rate and Birth Rate of
El Salvador

Birth Rate

The birth in El Salvador is relatively high as in every other Latin American country, or even wider, every other LEDC countries. This includes Latin America, Africa and Asia. This is due to the large number of young mothers, which are often naïve and non educated so young men abuse of that. Those young mothers now carry a responsibility from a very early age, although many babies don’t make it to even a year, the birth is already added to the country, no matter if the baby dies early or as an old adult. This is clearly a big problem in the country. 25.72/1000

Death Rate

The death rate in El Salvador is really high as well; of course all of this is relative. This is due to the poor health centres and the low amount of money the government invests in them. The old have often disadvantages, in MEDC the buses have even ramps for make old peoples ride easier, but here the buses are old and are simple. So that’s a big reason why old people die, because there are no clear advantages. Other crucial factor is that food is in abundance in El Salvador for average people, so people, many of them, starve, or eat bad. Many old people are used to eat bad things which are bad for your health and they end up dying because of that. Others die simply because they don’t eat at all. 5.53/1000

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