Puerta del Diablo:

Zoo Nacional El Salvador:

The Zoologico Nacional El Salvador is the only zoo in El Salvador. Being the only zoo, it has a great variety of exotic animals that you can come and see. The Zoologico nacional is a place for old, young and all the family to come and enjoy themselves. It is a great ecological place to go and forget the city enviroment and go and relax a while. The zoo is mostly recognized by the lovely elephant Manyula and the friendly hippopotamus Alberto. But there is much more of El Salvador zoo. Its animal varieties go from the exotic birds in Central America like parrots and macaws, to the rare mono arana that you can see swinging around in the monkey habitat. you can also see animals like deers camels and giraffes, animals that in El Salvador can only be seen in TV. It really is a worth it trip visit de Zoologico nacional of El Salvador.




in el salvador there are many tourist places which get visited frequently, by people of other countries like U.S.A and Canada. One place to visit which is really nice is el ecoparque which is at 5 minutes from San salvador, this place is like a big forest, that has thousands of type of trees and this place also offers you a downhill track which is the best mountain bike track in el salvador, it has 8 rampages and a nice downhill track. this park gets visited really frequently by people from other countries, you can bring dogs, and have a walk with it, also theres a cafeteria which is at the top of the park so you can do exercise while you are going up and at the same time while you are going up there is a cafeteria.

El Imposible National Park

It was made national park in 1989, is located southeast of the deparment of Ahuachapan. Its total area is of 50,040 blocks. It has a total of 400 different species of trees and over 500 butterflies. It also has 279 different species of birds and around 100 mammals living there. Its hight is between 250 at its lowest point and 1,425 on its highest point.

Joya de Ceren**

Joya de Ceren was a hidden city found in the department of La Libertad. It is 30 minutes away form the Capital (San salvador), there are many intresting things to see like how native of El Salvador live before the eruption of the Volcanoe Loma Caldero.

Ecotourism in El Salvador

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El Salvador is full of places to visit. It is situated in Central America next to Honduras Nicaragua and Guatemala. In El Salvador we have beautiful beaches like El Sunzal. El Sunzal is very famous by surfers because of its big waves. There are lots of people here that come from other countries and they work here as trainer for people that want to surf. In the beach there are shacks were they sell surfboard. We have El Cuco that is another beach in El Salvador hat is perfect if you want to go with your family and have fun.

But also El Salvador has many mountains and a lot of activities on them such as canopy, camping, observing wild life, etc. Mountains climate is fresh and peaceful it is a perfect location for family trips and couples it is from romantic to fascinating to simply natures master piece, Mountains aren’t the only natural attraction in El Salvador there are also the majestic volcanoes that are very well known they are full of history and adventure.


This hill is located in San Ignacio, Chalatenango, its elevation is of 2730 over the sea level. It is the highest place in the country.

Santa Ana volcano or "Ilamatepec" is the tallest volcano at 7,804 feet above sea level.
Izalco, is totally lacking vegetation, is 6,000 feet above sea level and is located in Sonsonate. Until 1957, this volcano glow was seen from the Pacific so it was named "Lighthouse of the Pacific".

El Salvador is a country situated in Central America, with Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras surrounding it. El Salvador is full of wonderful places including beautiful beaches, rivers, volcanoes, mountains, magnificent views, national parks, forest. This makes El Salvador a wonderful place to practice eco tourism.


El Salvador has beautiful views you can enjoy off like La Puerta Del Diablo (The Devil’s doorway) The Puerta del Diablo is a wonderful view in Los planes de Renderos. This is a magnificent view, its perfect to go with your family and have lunch there. I can assure you will have a great time.

National Parks

El Salvador has many national parks including El Impossible, El triunfo and many others. These parks are the perfect to have a wonderful time with family or friends. The parks are clean and the environment is really nice. The weather is often cold.

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