Ecotourism in El Salvador

National park El Imposible

El Imposible which means "the impossible" is the only national park of El Salvador situated in the south of the country. It is at least about 80km away from the capital city.
It is a little complicated to reach El imposible but when you are in there you can relax how much you want. As it is a national park which is protected by the government there are 350 trees, 350 different types of birds, 500 types of butterflies and even some types of eagles habbit there. It is called "the imposible" because once in the forest it is very difficult to make your way because of the thick density of trees.

El Salvador started with a poor ecotourism but with the time we have been improving so the tourist have a great stay.


In Ahuachapan there are a lot of villages the main ones are Apaneca and Ataco. Raising the "Ruta de las Flores" first you will find the beautiful village of Apaneca. There you can find restaurants like the "Jardin De Celeste" were you can taste delicious Salvadorian meals. If you like extreme experiences you can go and visit "Apaneca Canopy Tour" and while you are sliding down you can see local fauna. Another well known town is the colorful village of Ataco were you can meet kind salvadorian citizents.
Pasaje Concordia, Ahuachapan, El Salvador 작성자 calero|photography
Pasaje Concordia, Ahuachapan, El Salvador 작성자 calero|photography

Santa Ana

Santa Ana is the second city of the country because of his location, architecture, economy and history. one of the amazing things of Santa Ana is the Cathedral because of its style is a typical Latin American Design. The National Theatre is still producing plays and has on of the best acoustic of the whole country. Santa Ana is a coffee plantation area because of its weather conditions and altitude.

Santa Ana dese el mirador 작성자 Carlos E. Cáder
Santa Ana dese el mirador 작성자 Carlos E. Cáder

Costa de sol

Costa de sol is one of the most beautiful beaches of the country. This beach is located at the south of the country by the libertad which is one of the 14 departments of El Salvador. This beautiful is about 45 miunutes away from the capital city. This beautiful place has pretty views, luxurious hotels with good services and it also has excellent sea food. Once in Costa de sol it will make you feel relaxed and may make you to come once more. Since it is a small country it might make you think that hotel in Costa de sol isn't that good, but you will notice that you're mistaken. Costa de sol is really beautiful!!!
Pôr-de-sol na praia da Costa da Caparica... 작성자 Rosa Gambóias
Pôr-de-sol na praia da Costa da Caparica... 작성자 Rosa Gambóias

Lake Coatepeque

Lake Coatepeque means "hill of serpents" which was created in a volcanic eruption 50,000 years ago. Lake Coatepeque is beautiful and is considered one of the most beautiful lakes of the world despite its small size. It has 6 kms wide and 120 meters deep, and it is also sourrounded by steep green slopes of 250metres~500meters high. Lake Coatepeque is a very important lake for El Salvador since it is a touristic place and also because it provides water for who doesn't have. In the lake there is also a small island called Teopan which was an Mayan site.

Coatepeque Lake, El Salvador 작성자 calero|photography
Coatepeque Lake, El Salvador 작성자 calero|photography

El Pital

El Pital is the highes point in El Salvador with a height of 2730m. El Pital is a very silent place in which people can have fun, relax and have a look on the beautiful landscape around it. Actually El Pital is known by many travelers and most of them enjoy hiking to the highest point of the mountain. Once on the mountain there are a lot of pine trees, cristaline water and there is also vegetation plantation of the local people who actually lives on the mountain.

El Pital 작성자 el camel
El Pital 작성자 el camel

San miguel

San miguel is a city of El Salvador. It has 2,077km squared of land and also it has about 1.2million of people. In total the have 19 municipalities, htey are:
Carolina, Chapeltique, Chinameca, Chirilagua, Ciudad Barrios, Comacarán, El Tránsito, Lolotique, Moncagua, Nueva Guadalupe, Nuevo Edén de San Juan, San Antonio, San Gerardo, San Jorge, San Luis de la Reina, San Miguel, San Rafael, Sesori, Uluazapa. The people there have a basic cultivation of grains, henequen and sugar cane, fruits, oleaginous seeds, mangrove, and grass.
external image 20023.jpg

Jiquilisco Bay

Jiquilisco bay has the biggest mangrove in El Salvador. In Jiquilisco Bay you can visit an island called 'Holy island' where local people have coconut plantation. You may also enjoy of travels in boats. A great number of sea birds live in this zone making the places very delicate and protected. If lucky you may also see a big variety of sea turtles including : Prieta, Carey and Baule turtles. The climate of the place is tropical with an average temperature of 26.7°C.The wind in the zone is very weak with an average speed of 7km/h. Because it is a place with sea the average humidity of the place is 65.15%. After visiting once it'll make you visit again and again and again.

Bahia de Jiquilisco 작성자 aventuracuscatleca
Bahia de Jiquilisco 작성자 aventuracuscatleca

Lagoon Alegria

The laguna alegria is located 26km from Usulutan and 2km south from the city of alegria. For being more exac it is at a 1600m high above the sea level in the maountain called Tecapa volcano. This lagoon has a greenly emarald colour that makes it beautiful and als it is clean. So when you look at it in a view it will be like a very nice green colour withought anything blocking your view!

external image lagoon.jpg


"Los Cóbanos" is located in Sonsonate. This is a wonderful white sand coast for people who practice scuba diving. Los Cóbanos is considered one of the rocky reefs of the north Pacific Ocean. Los Cóbanos is protected by a cliff that helps like a wave breaker. For the scuba divers the tour under sea lasts for five hours. They will see different marine species including corals. Also they will find interesting remains of the nineteenth century ships.
In sonsonate there is also the Port of Acajutla. Lots of restaurants offer fresh sea food while you watch the beautiful sunset also you can see fishermen cleaning the catch of the day.

San Salvador

The capital city of El Salvador is San Salvador. You can difference it from others cities in the country because of its proximity to a magnificent volcano where you can find beautiful flowers and trees that grow in low temperatures places. You can visit the Metropolitan Cathedral, The National Theatre and the National Palace as well as the archeological museum David J. Guzman. These places show lots of our history. If you like art it is highly recommended that you visit the Museum of Modern Art also known as MARTE. You can also arta galleries if you intend to buy works of art by Salvadoran painters or sculpterers. Because El Salvador is a very small country almost everything is near the city. You can find the Ilopango lake and Planes de Renderos which are the mountains that surround the city.


Suchitoto is the best representation of Salvadoran culture. Because of the typical colorful arts and crafts and religion. You can find all this in Casa Museo de Don Alejandro Cotto. Sushitlan the biggest lake in El Salvador belongs to Sushitoto you can rent a boat so you can visit all the islands and watch the different kinds of birds. The city of Suchitoto has been conserved with the old buildings to appreciate how was the town in its old days.

Golfo de Fonseca

It is shared between three countries El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras. Its depth and wideness allowed big ship sail near and that is why a new port is in construccion. In this zone is normal to have dolfins and wales. Wales pass through El Salvador in there way of migration to colder waters.