Rostow's Growth Model:
Looking at all the information of El Salvador, our opinion is that El Salvador is in stage 3, according to the Rostow's Growth Model. We chose level 3 because, El Salvador isn't still highly developed as the U.S or other countries. Although it reached that stage because it has made a lot of progress every year. Before we had more poberty, now there is less,that is some progress. Another thing that has made El Salvador reach that stage is that its economy has grown a little bit.

San Salvador playes a huge role in El Salvador, becuase it’s the capital of El Salvador, the president lives in the White house which is in San Salvador. This city is also important becuase most people live there. The population of El Salvador is of 7,066,403. 42% of thoose people live in San Salvador, which means that 296,788,926 people live in this small city .San Salvador has the biggest population in El Salvador. It also has historical places like the statue of Divino salvador del mundo, and the Cathedral. San Salvador is also the fist place were people go when they need a job. 7.3% of the people that workin El Salvador, have to go either by bus or walking to San Salvador. Another intresting fact is that San Salvador is the 3º place were most tourist after the seas and lakes. It is also the city with highest econimic divises. It is also the city with most development in El Salvador!

Growth&education: 1997- more acess to electricity, coffee exports reached $15 million, improvement of 65 rural roads, 24 bridges, 24 potable water systems, and 29 rural schools.
Water&environment: Stradegy began in 1997- over 173,000 people gained access to clean water, 
Democracy&Government:The main part was in 2005- 22 meditation centers opened, more government plans came out.
Health: 1998 death rates began to decrease, 13,240 children under age two and 3,310 pregnant women was completed.

So we can say that after the civil war, where all the El Salvador development came down in all ways: agriculture was one of the main sectors that it economically affected. Tourism decreased, even lots of Salvadoreans where leaving the country to go to another place, specially the united States. Even the coffe exportation (which is one of El Salvadors gratest imports) was very irregular after the Civil War. The only thing that maintained El Salvador’s economic was the incoming currency- the dollar. But it became the real money until January, 2001. The country made progress over time but the real and biggest change was 16 years after the Civil War. So in 1997 was the year that El Salvador developed the most.

Made By: Elsy Bondanza, Giuliana Bottari, Luciana Mejia====