How has El Salvador Developed

El Salvador has revoluced since after the war that we have passed. know we could see more buildings but not just buildings also alot of our roads haved been fixed and we have lots of things entering to our countrie from other countries and not just that there is more tecnology for example in some of our hospitals we have advance equipment. In El Salvador we have alot of atraction for turist like conopy were you can see a large amount of enviorment like parrots and different types of trees also rafting, scuva diving and many more activities. The economy for Salvadorians has improved since before and now we are a democratic countrie. El Salvador has developed alot we are a really independent countrie we make different things like corn, maize, fruits and alot more another example are the plantation of coffe we have.That is why we have alot of delicious of food. Each time El Salvador is developed more and more.

Stage we are in El Salvador:

El Salvador has the third largest economy, but growth has been small in these years, because the non traditional exports increased compensated the reduction of the exports of maquilas, maquilas mean the products that are elaborated in the frank zones. The remittent compenced the deficit of the trade balance. El Salvador is the first one in receiving familiar remittances per capita (which means per person) that Is near of the total exports in El Salvador. With adoption of the American dollar El Salvador lost the monetary politic, so it has to impulse a clean fiscal politic. The government tried to expand the economy and has manage to improve the textile industrial , international port services, and tourism through tax incentives. The govern opened the economy to the commerce and the inversion., it privatized the state companies, mainly in telecommunications, electrical energy. banks, and bottoms of pensioners. At the end 2006, the government and the Millennium Challenge Corporation signed of five years, of agreement of $461 million to reduce poverty in country', and i think we are in stage 3 in El salvador because there is manufacturing, invesment, there are lots of imports to produce more goods. The tecnology is improving in this transportation and communication.

El Salvador Salary
El Salvador is a beautiful country but at the same time poor, it salaries a very little, the country earns a lot, but the people don’t get that much of it, they get like 0.1 % of what the country earns in a year. In El Salvador most people don’t have the opportunities to invest because of the low salary. The country earns about $ 30 billion to $50 Billion dollars Year but what 40% of it goes to dumb stuff, stuff that don’t help the country at all, 20% of that goes to the corrupt politics, and the other 40% would MAYBE got to the country. I think that if all the people in the country had more opportunities to be educated and that the country had more job opportunities, our country would be more developed and educated, and El Salvador would be a better place. El Salvador has a lot of resources but the politics or the companies don't promotion them but if they did this country would be a more developed country with more modern cities and towns