In El Salvador we have many beaches that you can visit, where you can have lots of fun with your family and friends. Our beaches are Barra de Santiago, Salinitas, Atami, Costa del sol and Costa Azul, Playa de la Libertad,Metalio beach, los cobanos beach, el Sunzal beach, la Paz beach, san diego beach, el Zonte beach, el Espino beach, el Tunco beach and others.
Salinitas and Costa del Sol are the beaches with more tourism because in Salinitas there is a resort called Decameron, also there is Las Veraneras which is next to it and there are some beach houses, and in Costa Del Sol there are many beach houses and also a water park called Atlantis although having all this attractions, this beach is the longest of el Salvador, its 15 km long. And the rest of the beaches have some beach houses as well. Although this two beaches entertainment, we also have some fun in the others like the Zonte beach which is a surfer's favourite. San Diego beach is better to jog, play volleyball, beach soccer and as well walking along, this beach is over 7km long. But lets dont forget el Sunzal which is one of the best 10 surfing places and which is also good for snorkelling and diving. El Espino beach is one of the longest in El Salvador, its over 10km. El Palmarcito beach is a good beach for body surfing or even for surfing. Almost all of our beaches are best recongnised as surfing beaches or walking and jogging beaches.


Beach Las Tunas, La Union, El Salvador

beach1.jpg La_union_map.jpg

This beautiful beach, called Las Tunas located in La Union in western part of el salvador is one of the most amazing beaches in el salvador because it has a such a beautiful setting with mountains and I think it looks quite relaxing. Doesn't it? In the map you get to see where exactly is La Union.

Beach Costa del Sol, La Paz, El Salvador

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This famous beach in el salvador called Costa del sol located in the southern part of in the department of La Paz is one of El Salvadors most beutiful beaches, is known because of of its beutiful sunsets. most of the people in el salvador have their beach houses in Costa del Sol.

Beach El Cuco, San Miguel, El Salvador

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This beach is called El Cuco in the located in the deparment of San Miguel. This beach is a very quiet and relaxing beach theres no waves at all and if you are a person that likes quiet and pacific beaches, this is the perfect beach for you and your family.