Daniela & Paola Lopez


This is about beaches in el salvador. Some of the most beautiful beaches in el salvador are the following:

*Costa Del Sol
*Costa Azul
*El Tunco
*El sunzal
*Acajutla etc.

Costa del Sol
Is one of the most turist beaches. Costa del sol is one of the most biggest beaches in el salvador. is in the department of la paz. Is about
45 minutes from San salvador and from the airport is aproximated 15 minutes.

Costa Azul
Costa azul is in the beautiful department of sonsonate. It is approximately one and a half hours from san salvador. It is a very beautiful place
to go with your familt and friends.

external image plage-costa-azul.jpg

Salinitas is in the department of sonsonate near Costa azul. What divides costa azul and salinitas is Acajutla. Salinitas is aproximatedly 1:45. salinitas has the prettiest hotel calle Decameron and a restaurant called Las veraneras. its one of the beautiful places to go.
external image salinitas.jpg

El Tunco
The beach of el tunco goes from San Salvador, upto Alegria. El Tunco is a very nice place to do surfing. El tunco is kind of famous becaouse of its hige rock in the middle of the beach.
external image 2429026501_e55cf2a77a.jpg?v=0

El suzal
the sunzal is located in la libertad. is one of the best beaches to and do the sport of surf. and people goes to do snorkeling. Is like 45 minutes from San salvador. Is a beautiful beach.
external image 783781467_b0771fa869.jpg?v=0

Acajutla is in the Western department of sonsonate. It is between Costa Azul and Salinitas. Acajutla is very known by people because of the famous Acajutla Port, where you are able to fish.

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