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In this marvelous countrie of El Salvador we have some graet artists,very good athlets and a lot of very good people.
A very good athlete is the compounselecta.jpgd bow and arrow champion, Jorge Jimenez. he is a 40 year old man that compited in the compound bow and arrow championship of the world in dubai. We also have other good and important people in El Salvador like all the people in the selecta El Salvadors football players. But the most important are the workers here in El Salvador they work all day for us to be happy in the country we are and they work in front of the heating sun and they dont care because they love this beautiful country. the "selecta" haesnt always being winning but this season we have had a very good time winning other countries.

People like Poma who is a very reach family are very good and important for the countries economy and health. lots of people see the Pomas as a greedy and reach family but i dont because if they dont have as many bussines and malls as they have lots of people wouldnt have a job and in stead of working with the Pomas some of those workers would have recured to stealing and other crimes that are not good at all. also the pomas with all the malls are vey important with the countries economy and turism because the turists sees el salvador in better ways.

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Another very succesful women is eva maria dimas who has being in a lot of olimpics and haesnt won alot but she haesnt failed us because her performance in all the olimpics gets all the salvadorians full of pride and honoured to be salvadorians.she is one of the best known salvadorian across the countrie, she is beloved by many people and has always been a proud salvadorian.Eva Maria Dimas is the best women wieght lifter of El Salvador.
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The common person of el salvador is a person that lives in the city working on a cloth making factory or at a store that they make the minimum salary every 15 days and that live at a little apartment. those people that it tortillas and frijoles every day and dont complain about what they have and on the other side they thank god for that food that they have and keep working hard to improve their life style. those are the important people of elsalvador the people that are hard working and are tough in good ways because maybe they dont have a very good life style but they dont give up and instead they keep working hard or harder to have a better life.

Some people that have the same situation they unfortunatly they dont make inough to have a better life they work very hard to make inough money to a pay a "coyote" who is the person thatsays it can take you to america. the "coyotes" dont afirm you that you are getting to america but they still charge you a lot of money for the hope that you are getting to the american life style. some people that do that have to live like for 3 to 5 days with 3 galons of water to pass the arizona desert and get to the citys. i knew one lady that worked with my mom and grandfather company. she had been woking for more than 20 years with us and one day she told us that when she had enough money sha had to live because she had a child and she wanted for him to had a better life. she wrote to us letters or called us and she told us that she had to pass in a river of poop and piss for she not to get seen by the frontier patrools.She is now living in las vegas and working on a italian food restaurant, she learned english and has now even buyed a car and learned how to drive.

We have other kind of people here in El Salvador thet live in el campo and they they do plantations of cofee or of
cotton and other items they work a lot to win their own food. They are one of the people that work more here in El Salvador and they like to help other people or they sometimes work as gardeners hero to houses and as guards. They are all important and amazing worker happy people so now you know that here in El Salvador we have happy worker and important people.