This are some of the famous people you may know from el salvador:

1) Christy Turlington (Half Salvadorian), supermodel
2) María Isabel Arrieta Gálvez - Second place in "Miss Universe." (1955)
3) Schafik Hándal, guerrilla leader and ex presidential candidate
4) Archbishop Oscar Romero. Fought for the rights of the poor. Murdered while in church, at the altar on 24 March, 1980
5) Alberto Masferrer, poet
6) Manlio Argueta, writer
7) Roque Dalton, poet
8) Roberto D'Aubuisson, politician, ARENA founder
9) Jorge 'el Mágico' González, footballer (Rated by FIFA as the best North and Central American footballer ever)
10) Carlos "El Famoso" Hernández, Boxer (First person from El Salvador to hold any world title in Boxing)
11) Efren Ramirez - actor (Pedro from Napoleon Dynamite) (Half Mexican, half Salvadorian)
12) The national hero of El Salvador is Father José Matías Delgado (1768–1833), who raised the first call for independence.
13) A renowned political leader was Manuel José Arce (1786–1847), who fought against the Mexican empire of Iturbide and was the first president of the United Provinces of Central America.
14) Prominent Salvadoran literary figures of the 19th century were Juan José Cañas (1826–1912), a poet and diplomat and the author of the Salvadoran national anthem.
15) Fernando Llort, painter and sculptor
16) Salarrué (Salvador Salazar Arrué), novelist, poet, painter.
17) Sigifredo Ochoa, colonel and ARENA deputy.
18) Hugo Perez, footballer, born in El Salvador, played for united states in the 1994 world
19) Raúl Díaz Arce, footballer in the MLS
20) Joaquín Eufrasio Guzmán, national hero

This although not as famous as Roger Federer they are famous here in El Salvador.

Our culture is not verry much big but i have to say that it is interesting like in suchitoto they fight with fire balls it is a wonderfull show if you ever come to el salvador in the patriotic week please dont ever think it twise go to that marvelous show.