National Parks in El Salvador, like in most countries, are important for its biological diversity. El Salvador only has about 2% of original rainforest. It’s important that people realize that they need to protect the parks;one way they can do that is have more land purchased or maintained by private land owners.

Bosque El Imposible National Park located in the department of Ahuachapán is one of the last and biggest remaining remnants of El Salvador's original forests. There is a lot of wild life, with a variety species of birds and more than 500 species of butterflies in this national park. Not to mention, that 400 species of trees, two of those species are new to science and over 30 species of mammals are also found in El Impossible.


Another big national park of El Salvador is El Cerro Verde, which is located in Santa Ana, east of El Salvador, A lush forest filled with flowers, flora, fauna and fantastic views of the two volcanoes within the park, the Izalco Volcano (Cerro Verde) 1,910 m and the Santa Ana Volcano 2,365 m , the highest in the country.

Other national parks in El Salvador are Monte Cristo, Barra de Santiago, El Jocotal Lagoon, Nancuchiname and Los Cobonos.