external image bandera.jpgIn 2001, El Salvador was hit by two earthquakes that haved exactly between one month of each other, on January 13 and February 13, 2001.

2001 El Salvador First Earthquake.
Date: January 13, 2001
Magnitude: 7.6
Depth: 39km
Countries affected: El Salvador and Guatemala
Casualities: 844 fatalities and 4,723 injured

2001 El Salvador second earthquake
Date: February 13, 2001
Magnitude: 6.6
Countries affected: El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.
Casualities: El Salvador, 315 fatalities.

In the last one hundred years El Salvador has been in at least 15 big earthquakes. Here are some: Jucuapa-Chinameca on May 6, 1951; San Salvador on May 3, 1965 and San Salvador on October 10, 1986.

The most recent earthquake in El Salvador was 2001.

Earthquakes in 2001

1. On Saturday, 13 January 2001,at 11:35, a very strong earthquake occurred in El Salvador in CA. It has been one of the strongest ever to have been in El Salvador . This earthquake killed millions of people all around El Salvador.aproximately 1,200 persons.
2.The earthquake had an intensity of 7.6 on the Ritcher scale.
3.The epicentre of the earthquake was 25 kilometres south from playa los cobanos which is located in Sonsonate.
4.The focus had a depth of 50 kilometres.
5.A lot of people were injured in that catastrophic incident and many were left homeless.the most people injure lived in"Colina de Santatecla". People also lost the fruit of were they worked.In "Las Colinas de Santa Tecla where a big avalanche of soil left buried lots of victims. After the big tragedy local citizens, policemen and members of the Red Cross were helping to search the victims of this big catastrophe.

Exactly One month after the January 13th earthquake, there was another earthquake. It hit places that were already struck before. The damages were really bad the first time, and they were double a month later.
People would sleep in the streets because they were afraid that their homes would collapse.
people lost all of their belongings, they lost everything , their house, their pets, clothes, electronics such as, tv, microwaves, cellphones,
The most severe damage occurred in the San Juan Tepezontes-San Vicente-Cojutepeque area.

On the 10th of October 1986 a strong earthquake stroke San Salvador leaving 1,500 people dead. The place with more catastrophe was the School of Santa Catalina at the South of San Salvador. the earthquake cause 40 young girls to die of school. Teachers which survived the earthquake remember their pupils who died from their classes. Carlos Mendoza,a man that works in the "Cruz Roja", saved a lot of people.

external image 2006_hotspots_landslide.jpg external image 222-0107-elsalv_february1-310.jpg
A landslide caused by the earth quake. Many were left by the earthquake home less.

external image elsalvador2.jpg
This was on the earthquake of the 1986.