Independence in El Salvador

El Salvador was not a free country before, it was under the domains of a huge empire of Europe. Spain was in control of all Central America. But on 1811 Central America decided they wanted freedom from the Spaniards, so they armed a rebellion a started a war against Spain that lasted long and finally in 1821 El Salvador got his independence and became a free country. But this rebellion was not encourage at its own what gived strength to salvadorians were other susses that were happening all over the world such as the independence of the U.S.A, the french revolution and many others. This gave strenght to our generals and leaders (our proceres) including Jose Matias Delgado, Manuel Aguilar, Jose Simeon Cañas and others.

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Spanish colonization

The First people that Came to El Salvador were the Spanish. When they first CAME El Salvador was ruled by a tribe of indians that were the Pipiles. There were a group of people called Nahua who had migrated into Central America about 3000 B.C. Nahua then were conquered by the Maya’s, the mayas were masoamerican. The Nahua were people that started to developethe cities know today as Sonsoate and Ahuachapan. When Spanish CAME they were directed by Cortez who was a man that wanted to conquer and find new land for Spain.